Elections to the Bundestag in Germany 2002 - a fateful correspondence with the chancellor and the Party of Democratic Socialism

Chancellor of the
Federal Republic of Germany
Mr. Gerhard Schroeder
Schloß Straße 1

D-1000 Berlin

Amsterdam, 30.10.2001

Dear Chancellor,

on the occasion of the elections in Berlin I would like to remind you of my letters and ask you to answer them. Otherwise it could be that I would have to sue you personally, which I do not want.

Concerning the situation in Berlin, where I had lived and suffered from the "Diepgen gang" - please see for this my Internet side

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I have read the following in the press:

"BERLIN - Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (SPD) actually wanted to leave the social-democratic party (SPD) of Berlin to decide about their lokal elections - now he interferes nevertheless. He hopes for a coalition without the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS - in US terminology post-communist, the party had gained about 50% in East-Berlin), he said to the French newspaper 'Le Monde'.

The SPD chairman (the chancellor is also SPD chairman) made clear in the interview that the Party of Democratic Socialism was not a partner. The attitude of the party after the terrorist attacks from 11 September shows that it 'does not know what it wants'. The Party of Democratic Socialism had not arrive yet in the Federal Government (but in East-Berlin). He hopes the fact that the Social Democrats of Berlin followed his advice and formes the coalition without the Party of Democratic Socialism."

If this is actually YOUR attitude, we must probably assume WE lost the elections next year already. The socialists and communists in France should be an example for you, how a socially progressiv majority governs successfully. Here I may use the opportunity to ask, when you have spoken the last time with Robert Hue (the president of the Communist Party of France).

Please overcome the revanchistic, anticommunist attitude, which prevails unfortunately in Washingtoon with George W. Bush again.

There is no doubt that the American president will do EVERYTHING, together with the conservatives (CDU) and the German military, in order to bring YOUR government to fall. This he had already tried before the 11th of September 2001, when Rudolf Scharping had been attacked. My judgement is that George W. Bush pursues a machiavellistic policy.

This, dear Chancellor is the political situation. Wim Kok in the Netherlands seems to have recognized this too.

This American president represents a real danger for world peace. This is MY conviction and is based on the observations of the social reality here in Amsterdam, which functions like an American bridgehead in Europe and from a daily evaluation of the international press.

If I state this, then please don't conclude that I have an anti-American basic attitude, quite the opposite is the case.

What concerns the development of Afghanistan, I make rather German AND Netherlands secret services jointly responsible for the obvious support of the Taliban and the dangers, which can proceed from them.

If the Party of Democratic Socialism judges this similarly, you should see that as supportive, because it increases your degree of freedom. An appropriate criticism against the Party of Democratic Socialism is probably that it, as far as I could understand from Neues Deutschland (the socialist newspaper) they had not rendered an active support to Al Gore. The manipulations at the elections and the present development are perhaps only the beginning of a fatal development.

In hope for a politically rosy red future without INFLATION and with a surplus BUDGET and that you take my warning seriously. I remain


Klaus Hagendorf

The editor
Neues Deutschland
and the party executive committee
of the Party of Democratic Socialism

Amsterdam, 4.8.2002

Ladies and Gentlemen of the editorship of Neues Deutschland and the party executive committee of the Party of Democratic Socialism,

on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the publication of my letter to the editor of Neues Deutschland, on 11.9.1992 I would like to bring to your knowledge my email to the German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder concerning his attitude towards the Party of Democratic Socialism after the elections to the senat of Berlin. At that time I had also congratulated Dr. Gregor Gysi to his appointment to Senator for Economics of Berlin, with the request not to forget me here in Amsterdam what unfortunately he nevertheless did. What a pitty. You ruin 10 years of my political work.

On 11 September 1992 my letter to the editor of Neues Deutschland was published. At that time I had send to you a letter from London "the appearance of Kohl (on British TV) has rather damaged than been supportive (of the EU)". Beside my letter another was printed with the title "Because I like it ..."

I still hope that you come to realize that it would be better to support me with a lawyer.


Klaus Hagendorf

Dear Mr. Hagendorf,

thank you for your email. It is a pleasure to realize that the Chancellor receives also from anothe side and even from Amsterdam some resistance.

If any reaction or non-reaction of the Party of Democratic Socialism ruins 10 years of political work then unfortunately I cannot understand the relationship. Surely it was certainly no bad intention.

Thank you for your solidarity!

Yours sincerely

Claudia Gohde

Federal office - party life/organization

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