The Challenges of Our Time.

Disarmament and Social Progress.

Highlights of the 27th Congress
the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, CPSU



Mikhail Gorbachev
- Political Report of the CPSU Central Committee to the 27th Congress

Vadim Zagladin - The Party Congress: Notes of a Delegate
Ivan T. Frolov - Socialism on the Eve of the 21 St Century
Edward Shevardnadze - Acceleration Strategy-Leninism in Action

The Program of the CPSU, a new edition adopted by the 27th Congress

MIKHAIL GORBACHEV from his speech at the closing of the 27th Congress, 1986:

"We do not intend, therefore, to play into the hands of those who would like to force mankind to get used to the nuclear threat and to the arms race."

"Soviet foreign policy is oriented towards a search for mutual understanding, towards dialogue, and the establishment of peaceful coexistence as the universal norm in relations among states. We have both a clear idea of how to achieve this and a concrete program of work for maintaining and consolidating peace."

"The Soviet Union is acting and will continue to act in the world arena in an open and responsible way, energetically and in good faith. We intend to work persistently and constructively to eliminate nuclear weapons radically, to limit the arms race, and to build reliable international security that is equal for all countries. A mandate to preserve peace and to curb the arms race resounded forcefully in speeches by delegates to our Congress. The Party will unswervingly carry out this mandate."

"We call on the leaders of countries that have a different social system to take a responsible approach to the key issue of world politics today: the issue of war and peace."

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